About KIBS

KIBS is a business school with 26 years of history. We have come a long way and have taken as a basis the highest standards of business education in the world's top business schools.

We implement educational programs for any business, from start-ups to international corporations.

Over the years, the geography of our classes has expanded to 12 countries, we have contributed to more than 15,000 success stories of our students and KIBS teachers have conducted more than 170,000 hours of classes!
Business community

KIBS is a large community of entrepreneurs in Russia and abroad. Here you will find business partners, friends, suppliers, mentors and get invaluable acquaintances. Below are listed only a small part of our friends
Russian DIY network
Oleg Ponomarev
CEO of Semia - Spar
Pavlo Sheremeta
Member of the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Founding Director at School of Public Management
Zetta Insurance Company
Insurance company, formerly known as "Zurich"
Ekaterina Rumyantseva
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kalinka Real Estate Group
Goran Ruus
Professor of Strategic Design, Swinburne University of Technology
Igor Pleshkov
Victoria (DIXY Group)
Russian grocery chain
The basic principles of KIBS:

  • Training on the best world practices
  • On the edge of modern management theories
  • Individual solutions for each client
  • Only the best teachers
  • The formula for success is continuous development
  • Constant contact with the business environment
  • And the main thing is that we not only give you knowledge, we help to implement them in your company!
KIBS partners

KIBS pays great attention to creating a network of partnerships with leading educational institutions in Russia, foreign business schools, consulting companies, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Partnerships allow developing and implementing training programs for business at a qualitatively new professional level, improving the qualifications of their teachers and acquiring new experience in business management, improving the management of the educational process, better perceiving the needs of the business community in educational services and expanding the range of their clients. Together with its partners KIBS implements the most significant training programs, including in other regions of Russia, carries out the majority of its projects, organizes and conducts scientific and practical conferences.
KIBS history
New page of history
KIBS opens a new page in its history: in the summer of 2016, KIBS strengthens its cooperation with the Baltic Federal University. I. Kant and becomes a structural subdivision of the Institute of Economics and Management of BFU.
The synergetic effect resulting from this transformation will not only enhance the capabilities of KIBS, but also open new horizons for its customers.
The program "Search for an effective business model in an unstable market"
Launch of a new program created on the basis of the results of training in foreign partner business schools.
New partners
Cooperation with business schools:
  • ESADE (Italy);
  • Haas School of Business, Berkley (USA);
  • HKUST Business School (Hong Kong).
National Accreditation
Accreditation of the Executive MBA program by the National Accreditation Council of Business Education.
New partners
Cooperation with business schools:
  • SDA Bocconi (Italy);
  • Nanyang Business School (Singapore);
  • Darden School of Business (USA).
The beginning of the formation of a network of partnerships with Russian regional training centers and consulting companies.
New program "Building a Competitive Company"
Launch of the program "Building a Competitive Company", which took 1st place in the All-Russian Competition of Programs, conducted by the Russian Business Education Association and the National Training Foundation.
Executive MBA
Realization of the international program "Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA" in cooperation with the Higher School of Business of the State University of Management of the Higher School of Management of Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), the International School of Business SIAF (Italy), the European School of Business ESCP-EAP (Germany).
New program "Project Management"
Launch of the program "Project Management", which in 2007 took the 2nd place in the All-Russian competition of programs conducted by the Russian Association of Business Education and the National Training Foundation.
Cooperation with SUM
Implementing the MBA program in conjunction with the State University of Management
Seminars "New in business management"
The launch of the ongoing project "New in business management" - holding seminars, round tables, discussion panels with the regional business community.
Cooperation with IMISP
Implementation of the first Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in conjunction with the St. Petersburg International Institute of Management.
Functional programs
Launch of long-term modular functional programs for top managers: financial management, marketing management, personnel management.
Presidential program
Beginning of the implementation of the "Presidential Program" for the training of management personnel for organizations of the national economy of the Russian Federation in the fields of management, marketing, finance and credit.
Baltic Business Club
Establishment of the Baltic Business Club (BDK) from among graduates of the Russian-Swedish program "Develop Your Firm"
The program "Develop your company"
Beginning of the program "Develop your company" for executives and business owners on the basis of active training methods in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL).
Morozov Project
KIBS учавствует в Морозовском проекте по созданию региональных центров бизнес-образования при содействии Европейского банка реконтрукции и развития (ЕБРР).
Идет подготовка преподавателей по программе EURO-CIS в европейских бизнес-школах.
KIBS becomes a member of the Russian Business Education Association (RABE).
There are programs for retraining of the unemployed and military personnel.
Launch of the first programs for entrepreneurs.
Foundation of KIBS
The first program for the training of office managers in cooperation with Humberside County (Great Britain).
Forming a team of teachers and a package of programs for business.
Our contacts
KIBS in Russia:
reception: +7 (4012) 956 298
e-mail: program@kibs.ru

KIBS in Kazakhstan:
reception: +7 (7212) 50 45 31, +7 (7017) 264 321
e-mail: program@kibs.ru

Address: 236000, Russian Federation, Kaliningrad, ul. Gorkogo 23

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